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About Munsteiner Sculptured Gemstones

Burton Jewelers is honored to work with Bernd and Tom Munsteiner and their revolutionary "Sculpture Gemstones". Bernd pioneered this style of gem cutting in the late 1970's, giving the gemcutting industry a new way to fashion gemstones. We have carried their work since that time and they have become wonderful friends. We have an extensive collection of the gems in many different gem types, such as Tourmaline, Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine and more, many with unusual colors. A few are represented here online. Ask us if you want a color choice you don't see here. We design the mountings around the gem with you and do not sell the gems loose. In this way you have a one-of-a-king gem in a custom Burton Jewelers mounting. Digital photos don't do these amazing gems justice. Please call or email for an appointment in our store.

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